close this window

must be more

there must be more
a whole lot of more

You left the imprint of a mole
on my right cheek
being a wolf
that is not enough

must be more

my love is pure
and my wrath without remorse
i’ll put and end to civilisation
cause there has got be more
got to be more
a whole lot of more

i’m dedicated to the task
of writing down
everything you say
is forgettable
in other words it’s really
nothing but nothing
has changed and
when nothing changes
it is really something
which entails
nothing in particular

and there has got to be more
a whole lot of more

someone me killed me last night
and on awakening in the morning i see
in the geranium encircled mirror on the wall
just above my temples a hole shaped like the one
a robin hood like arrow would leave
but it was a bullet
the last thing i remember
it was a bullet going through my head

got to be more...


he loved the soft porn of the city
cruising the streets like a passion chamber
in the zone and always in danger
always on edge
preferably in spring but summer
not far behind – how could it be
and in winter blossom o seldom seen
made every blessed moment more cherished
only autumn was a fall
life going awol and what ahead too far
too far beyond a man who loves
the soft porn of the city
dwell on that
he loved the soft porn of the city

and there has got to be more…

this year
i’m a stray black cat
or a still albino bat
that glows in darkened caves – or else
but there is no or else i glow
no one has ever let me down
no one can
i’m interpretation interpreted interpreting
i’m tears that drown inside the clown
i never entered the stage
i can never leave
i don’t exist
and you you live through me


seven years in a cage
all my life on stage
i’m a liver torn
everyday unborn
reliving a thief’s life
yet it was my wife
they fed to the eagles
fucking bastards (suffer well)
can you hear me (prometheus tell)
prometheus? prometheus?
where is my seven golden years…

my name is joyce
my game rejoice – the laughing stock
it’s not a name
but i’m in it
you put me there creep
eternally i pay the bill
eternally on my window sill
peeks in like a death sentence
the sentence to end all sentences
so i’ll be still
among my peers
i had not peers
but second to none
i never was
and there has got to be more
whole lot of more